So as you may have guessed Rory got given a huge amount of stuff for both his birthday and Christmas. This was fantastic and incredibly generous but has left us with what looks like a toy shop in our minimalist apartment. Not a good look. I decided to take action. The teacher in me decided to categorize his toys into things like musical instruments, building blocks, vehicles etc. which would help him learn to sort when tidying away and would stop him getting overwhelmed by having to play with everything at the same time. The ‘I need a stylish, minimalist home’ part of me wanted to find something that fitted in with the rest of the apartment and didn’t scream ‘toys’. I found the solution at CB2, with beautiful grey felted wool storage boxes. I got six and got filling. The apartment is looking much better and I’ve discovered a new favorite game of Rory’s – emptying and tidying objects from the boxes.


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