Introducing my personal trainer Jillian

Ok so I’ve been somewhat ‘treating’ myself of late and those last few baby pounds aren’t shifting. Feeling sick of the muffin top I’m attempting to tackle this by having an exercise blitz. Unless I get up at the crack of dawn or run on after sunset, this is a bit tricky with Rory. Enter the brilliant Jillian Michael’s and her ’30 Day Shred’. It was recommended by a (very thin) friend and it’s brilliant. Firstly it’s a DVD so you can do it at any time you’re home. Secondly it’s only 20 minutes long which makes doing it daily and fitting it into your day (usually Rory’s morning nap) easy. Lastly it’s a circuit combination of strength, cardio and ab work where you only need a mat and some weights. I started on Level 1 (there are three) and nearly died. It’s hard. But it’s effective. Treat muffin-top be gone!


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