A Spring shopping day in New York

It feels like Spring is actually here with this beautiful sunny weather. Rory and I popped down to Soho to meet Mel and Mia and do a spot of shopping (mainly for the Christening which is happening at the beginning of June). We went to the fantastic Kate’s Paperie where we chose sweet cupcake packets and animal toppers to match in with the colour scheme (ivory, light grey and pale grey/blue). Afterwards we headed to the fabulous ‘Purl’ as I’m planning on making some bunting to go around the marquee. Purl is basically a fabric sweet shop. There was so much amazing choice it was hard to decide. In the end I went for some beautiful canvas linen in the three aforementioned colours so it will all tie in. The next stop was Giggle, where Mel and I spent ages gushing over all of the sweet baby things. After all of that shopping we were in need of a sit down and some lunch so we headed to one of my favourite lunch spots – 12 Chairs, where I indulged in my favourite freshly squeezed mint lemonade and hummus and falafel. Delicious. We walked home through the West Village and sat for a while in a hidden gem of a garden called St Lukes that Mel knew of. I headed home through Chelsea Market and spotted Jake Gyllenhaal who is actually taller than I thought! Once home Rory indulged in some naked play time. A glorious day.


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