Mummy and Baby Yoga

Rory managed to sleep through the night until 7:00 am which earned him a huge smile and big sloppy kiss from a very grateful mummy and daddy. Full of energy (amazing what a full night’s sleep can do for you) we headed down to the West Village to meet Mel and Mia and do some mummy and baby yoga at Karma Kids. This was brilliant. There were about 20 mums with babies, all of whom were incredibly sweet and chatty. We all sat on a big, green spongy surface with our mats all facing in in a circle. Our babies sat at the end on a yoga blanket. There were an array of toys in the middle for the ‘crawlers’ to play with. The session was full of yoga and massage for both mummy and baby with lots of fun songs. Rory loved it, especially the Superman pose. The instructor assured us that afterwards all of the babies would be exhausted and take a long nap (which Rory did), so Mel and I took advantage and headed to the scrumptious Westville for a yummy lunch. After we strolled back through Chelsea Market and stopped off at the addictive cute children’s boutique ‘My Little Sunshine’. A brilliant day made all the more so by daddy arriving home early from work.   

We all sat in a circle with toys in the middle

Rory and Mia doing their yoga

Mia took it very seriously

It was an exhausting session for all


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