Rory Rabbit

Last night when we opened the post box we had a very exciting delivery – another Rory. This time the Rory is an adorable rabbit, commissioned by us and knitted by our very talented and creative friend Kirsty. Kirsty and I had been planning the project before Rory was born as O and I wanted something unique and special to commemorate his birth. I gave a basic brief (colours etc.) and Kirsty did the rest. She chose a merino/ cashmere mix yarn from an Italian mill for the body and stuffed him with 100% cotton. His bow tie, paws and ears are made with a wool herringbone fabric that gives him a distinct English air. The final, magnificent touch is Rory’s name hand embroidered in Red (Rory means Red King is Gaelic) on the paw. A beautiful gift don’t you agree?

PS If you fancy your own commissioned piece, feel free to email the talented Kirsty at     

The raw materials


Getting started...

Taking shape...

Adding the head...

Rory Rabbit in his new home with baby Rory

This rabbit belongs to...


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