Occupational Therapy

So I’m still suffering with breastfeeding (seriously dread each feed) so the pediatrician recommended that I see an Occupational Therapist as they think it might help Rory with his latch on. Rory an I got bundled up to face the cold NY snow and headed out to see Leigh Muro. She was brilliant. It turns out that Rory has a slight tightness in his left hip (probably from how he was lying in the womb) which makes it difficult for him to turn his head and body a certain way – this is why one side of the breast is so much worse than the other. Leigh does massage on Rory and it is amazing to watch how he relaxes his body and responds. After just one session she is really pleased with his progress and thinks it will only take one more to rectify the tightness. Hopefully this will all help with the feeding…



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