Stylish nursing wear

During my pregnancy I got away with buying only two pairs of maternity jeans. For the rest of the time I was lucky enough to be able to wear my ordinary clothes (tunics, smock dresses and loose fitting jumpers with leggings) but towards the end I had to borrow a few things from O. As a lover of fashion, one of the most things I was looking forward to after having Rory was getting back into the many gorgeous clothes hanging in my wardrobe. Alas, no one had mentioned that you’re somewhat restricted when you’re breastfeeding – it’s actually harder to dress for breastfeeding (engorged boobs, easy access for Rory without indecent exposure, comfort etc. etc.) than for pregnancy. Luckily we all wandered down to the West Village and discovered a very stylish shop called Bellydance Maternity that sold maternity and nursing apparel. Had I know about it I might have actually worn some maternity clothes during my pregnancy. I treated myself to a gorgeous grey jersey dress from Mayreau with clever nursing access (that I would wear when I wasn’t breastfeeding). I know it looks good because I was asked where it was from by three mums at the breastfeeding clinic. I’m trying hard at this stylish mummy thing.



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