Our Baby Burrito


We’re very slowly adjusting to life as parents; which is such an exhilarating, tiring, amazing and scary experience. I adore our little boy and both of us can’t stop looking at him and commenting on how cute he is and how much we love him. I find myself constantly wanting to cuddle and kiss him. O is being amazing, looking after us both, and watching how he acts with Rory and all of the love he gives him (even at 5am with only two hours sleep) makes me fall in love with him even more (if that’s possible). I’m attempting to breastfeed which I find strangely more excruciatingly painful than giving birth, this together with awful stitches (you know where) and a severe lack of sleep means life is pretty tough on the physical pain front, but emotionally I feel completely blessed with my gorgeous little family and very, very happy.



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