Christmas Stockings

I love a Christmas stocking and have always had one growing up. Traditionally they were hung on mine and my brother’s bedroom doors and they are the first thing we open on Christmas day. Inside, we always get something delectable to eat (read chocolate) which we have during some sort of TV Christmas Day special (Eastenders, The Royal Family, Gavin and Stacey etc.). This year I have had to think of my own stocking idea as it was a bit much to ask my parents to bring stockings in their suitcase. Besides, the family has grown and we now have to include husbands, babies and girlfriends. I decided to do a twist on the traditional idea of a stocking by hanging a white linen laundry style bag with red Christmas ribbon which I then printed our names on to. I went for three different sizes (daddy, mummy and baby – large, medium and small) and hung them in a row in the lounge. They look terribly sweet and very inviting but we know it’s bad luck to look before Christmas morning.  

The bigger 'daddy' stocking

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