Park Slope for a birthday tea party

Today O and I left the island and headed to the lovely yummy mummy haven of Park Slope in Brooklyn for a fabulous birthday tea party hosted in a gorgeous proper Brooklyn Brownstone. Before arriving we explored the area which is incredibly pretty and reminded us a lot of Britain. The Avenues were full of little boutique shops and delis including a great food place called Union Market where we picked up treats for the party, whilst the streets (all leading off from the beautiful Prospect Park) were residential, mainly Brownstones. We stumbled across a marvellous Petit Bateau sample sale where of course we had to treat Baby Egan. I picked out a gorgeous red and white striped romper suit which will look adorable on Christmas day, whilst O went for trendy swimming shorts (a little big at 6 months) for when we go on our first family holiday. Finally we arrived at the party and enjoyed a long afternoon and evening of meeting and chatting to so many friendly and interesting people (lots of people who work in the film industry) and eating homemade delicious cakes (I particularly enjoyed the scones and hand whipped clotted cream). A brilliant day.

Baby Egan's Christmas outfit which may be a little big at 1 month

How sweet is the back?

Ready to swim


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